Corvallis First United Methodist Church

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1165 NW Monroe
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
(541) 752-2491

Congregational Care Committee

This is what we do:

  • Maintain an updated Visitation List of all the church members who are in care centers or are shut-ins at home.
  • Maintain a volunteer directory to coordinate volunteers from the congregation to help serve members of the congregation in need (providing meals, transportation, emergency child care, moving assistance, etc).
  • Deliver flowers on a regular basis to each person on our Visitation List. In addition, each person on the list is visited at Christmas time and after Easter and given flowers.
  • Deliver Tape Recordings of Sunday services to those unable to attend (upon request).
  • Mail cards to members of the congregation who are hospitalized, grieving, or celebrating (i.e. birth of a child), and on a regular basis to everyone on the Visitation List.
  • Provide rides to the Sunday services to anyone requesting assistance, using volunteers from our Directory.
  • "Adopt" an elderly or shut-in person to visit weekly and offer assistance when necessary.
  • Host a Volunteer Recognition coffee hour periodically to recognize and thank the members of our congregation who have been involved in our ministry.
  • Occasionally host educational events.

Committee Minutes