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L.A.S.T. Portland 2014

Sep 25 2014

Our middle school youth had a fantastic time in Portland this summer learning and serving together. Corvallis youth met up with youth from four other churches to serve the hungry, homeless, and needy of the Portland area. We served meals, helped in food pantries, experienced The Grotto, packaged frozen food, went swimming, worked in community gardens, made new friends, weeded, sang songs, and sorted clothing. We worked hard, had fun, and had great experiences.

One of the things we learned was how there are certain "rules" in life that everyone assumes everyone else knows. Rules such as what it means to be polite, how to act at church, and how to interact with the hungry and needy are all examples of these rules. Everyone thinks they know the rules but the rules are different depending on the person. One person could be interacting with the hungry using what they think are the rules while another can be in the same situation, but operating by a different set of rules. These types of situations can lead to misunderstandings withing communities, churches, and families. What can we do about it? Do our best to communicate and refrain from judging others.

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported us financially and through prayers!