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Middle School Mission Trip 2013

Jul 30 2013


This summer some of our middle school youth went on a mission trip to Portland where they learned about God's Holy Interuptions. A holy interuption is one of those times where God shows up and does something unexpected and reaches people who are untouchable. The Bible story parallels of this are the stories of zacchaeus and the bleading woman who touched the cloak of Jesus.The youth were able to put aside judgements and their own desires in order to see Jesus in others and to be Jesus to others.

The four projects we participated in all revolved around food, poverty, and homelessness. The first day was spent at Sunshine Pantry which started 30 years ago in Sharon's garage. The purpose of the pantry is to offer food, clothing, and household items to people in need of assistance. We shelved and sorted food until the pantry opened. Then we greeted and packaged food for 42 families. We were face to face with people who are trying to keep from going hungry.


The second day we were busy with three projects back to back. the day started at Bethlehem: house of bread which is in the process of converting from a traditional church to a place that feeds bodies and souls. We did a vaiety of jobs to assist this transition from removing paint and washing windows to removing rubble from the new community garden.

We then traveled to the Oregon Food Bank where we teamed up with about 30 people to repackage over 4,000 pounds of donated cereal. This broke down to each member of our mission team made 100 meals for hungy families.

Our final challenge was to plan, shop for, make, and serve dinner to 90 men at a shelter. The youth decided on an enchilada casserole with sides of rice and green beans. The youth decided to spend some of their money from their youth account so they could treat the men to ice cream for dessert. We then got to serve and eat with these fabulous and grateful men.

msmission3We had a great time and learned a lot about the needs of people in Portland. Poverty is not just in foreign countries but in our own backyards. Thank you to the congragation for the support of the youth program and their mission trips.