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Youth Ministries Past Events

Notes on Past Events (in no particular order): 

Ropes Course:  Fall 2011.  We teamed up with YD adventures to have a combined team building and spiritual experience.  We learned how to trust each other and to trust God.  Together we climbed the Giant's Ladder in which we were able to see how people worked together in pairs in assisting each other to reach the same goal.  We swung on the Giant Swing which made us face our fears.  We traveled the course on the low ropes together as a team and saw who emerged as leaders.  It was a great experience for all!


Live Action Clue Murder Mystery Game:  Fall 2011.  We invited youth from Eugene churches to join us for this large event.  Teams of 4-5 traveled to different rooms in the church to question each of the classic Clue characters.  There was Mrs. White, the maid with OCD, Ms. Scarlet, the opera singer, Mr. Green, the bean farmer, Professor Plum, who taught History at the University, Ms Peacock, the eccentric librarian, and Reverend Colonel Mustard.  Each of the characters knew one piece of information.  The teams had to figure out who, the time, the place, the weapon, the get-away vehicle, and the motive.  We followed up the game with dinner together in the Community Center.


Youth-N-Fusion: Spring 2012.  Our district event was held in Medford this year, so we loaded up the bus and headed south.  We had three days of games, food, service, and a dynamic speaker.  Our service projects were are the local Humane Society and Camp Latgawa where we helped with landscaping.  Our speaker is a professional graffiti artist from Portland.  We played capture the flag, sardines, and Wii games.  It was so much fun that we are planning to do it again in the fall! 


Community Outreach Service Project:  Winter 2012.  Once a month we try to do a service project either for our home church or for the community.  One of our many service projects was for Community Outreach which works with the homeless population in Corvallis.  We did some cleaning in the children's center.  We cleaned the toys in the indoor classrooms and all the outdoor play equipment.


Caroling with the Choir: Winter 2012.  Many groups go caroling during the holiday season, but we decided to combine forces to make a bigger impact.  We have a great music program at the church so the youth combined forces with the choir to go out caroling.  There are members of our congregation that, for various reasons, can't leave home very often so we brought the spirit of Christmas to their doorstep.


Spring Break Lock-In:  Saturday night we gathered for games of hide-and-seek and relay races created by the youth.  As night settled in and people were getting sleepy, we turned on a couple of movies.  We ended the night with bedtime stories and when we woke in the morning we got cleaned up and headed to morning service together.  It was a great social event to hang out and have fun.