Jammin for the Hungry

Jammin' for the Hungry is a program unique to Corvallis FUMC. The program began as a way to provide an extra "treat" to food bank customers, to go with the USDA peanut butter regularly provided. Each week, we make jams and jellies for area food banks in our commercial kitchen. Fruit and all ingredients are provided by local donations, and from our regional food bank, Linn Benton Food Share. Philomath Community Services provides freezer storage so that we can make our jams year round. Volunteers are from the church, and the larger Corvallis community, as well as from an OSU class on sustainability. Since September 2008, we have produced almost 20,000 jars of jams and jellies. We are especially proud that our jams contain only a 1/4 of the sugar of regular jams, because of the special pectin we use. We also make sugar-free jams for diabetic clients.

Join us on Monday nights between 5 and 8 in the FUMC Community Center Kitchen on the corner of 12th and Jackson in Corvallis. No experience necessary and volunteers get free samples and make new friends! Email outreach@corvallisfumc.org to double check that we are not on vacation the night you want to come (we take off about 6- 10 Mondays per year).

Donations of fruit, canning jars (1/2 pint and pint), sugar, and splenda and cash (for the commercial license and bulk pectin) are always welcome!