Room at the Inn is currently running 24/7 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information please call 541-231-2020

Room At The Inn

An Emergency Shelter for Women in Corvallis

For more information about Room at The Inn, please contact our shelter manager, Nohe Kahalewai, at (541) 231-2020.

Located at the Community Center of
First United Methodist Church
12th & Jackson

Open November 1st - March 31st

Guest Check-in 7-8pm
Guests leave by 7am

Open to women 18 and older
(No children or pets)

Free to guests

Our Mission

To provide a safe and secure emergency home for women in the Corvallis area during the winter months.

Our Goal

To ensure that guests feel welcome, valued, and respected in an atmosphere of personal responsibility and mutual support.

Our Facility

The Shelter Room is located at the Community Center of First United Methodist Church (12th & Jackson). It can accommodate 8-12 women. The shelter offers showers and safe space for TV, talking, and relaxing.

A Community Effort 

Room at the Inn is a community response to the needs of homeless women in the Corvallis area, a coming together of the faith groups, university representatives, and homeless advocates. The Corvallis First United Methodist Church is at the center, but with the active involvement of other faith communities, the Corvallis Homeless Shelter Alliance, their Daytime Drop-In Center, and the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at O.S.U.

An independent board of directors manages the Room at the Inn. Board members come from the university, general community, and the Methodist Church. 

Financial Gifts

While the Inn in managed frugally, and space and many supplies are donated, cash is needed to pay a single on-site staff member and to minimally outfit the sleeping area. Donations, which are made through the First United Methodist Church (a 501 C3), are fully tax deductible and entirely dedicated to Room at the Inn if so stipulated. Please make checks payable to FUMC, write ‘Room at the Inn’ on subject line, and send to First United Methodist Church, 1165 NW Monroe Avenue, Corvallis, OR 97330. 


Who is needed each night? Where might you fit in? Both men and women are welcome to volunteer.

  • Two volunteers to work 6:15-11:00 P.M. to check in guests, visit, and supervise
  • People to bring snacks for evening and breakfast
  • One volunteer to sleep overnight 11:00 P.M.-7:00 A.M. in the shelter. This person backs up the paid night staff person and helps with morning duties.


Room at the Inn Board

Director: Sara Power

Secretary: Candy Pierson-Charlton

1st UMC Pastor

Rhonda Mueller-Warrant

President: Virginia Brittsan

Treasurer: Marge Stevens

Edie Koenig

Jim Boyle

Ed Epley

Nancy Herron

Lizz Koch