Environmental Care Team

We’re a Faith in Action Team that’s all about supporting healthy people living on a healthy planet, we follow these guidelines:

  1. Watch what you take from the earth.
  2. Watch what you put into the earth.
  3. Take care of the ecosystem.
  4. Treat all people equitably.


What kinds of things do we do?

We address Climate Chaos by being active in the Corvallis Climate Justice Committee and supporting the work of the Corvallis Climate Action Alliance.

We educate members about Carbon Footprint is: the importance of lowering their household Footprint, working together to lower our church’s Footprint, and helped develop the Corvallis Carbon Offset Fund.    

We Garden with native plants to enhance beauty, reduce water use, and encourage pollinators to thrive and grow food in our raised-bed area to help feed the hungry as well as encourage others to grow food at home.  

We move toward Zero Waste by Reducing, Repairing, RepurposingReusing, and then Recycling in all aspects of our church life together and require that groups using church facilities do the same.

We encourage people to walk, ride bikes, and take buses. We work to keep our roadsides Litter-Free by picking it up at least once a year on Airport Road.

We promote Learning about our Environment – about Wetlands and Raptors, where our Water comes from, where our Water goes to during Church Field Trips.

We advocate on Local Environmental Issues.


Interested in these projects or one of your own?

Contact Karen Bloom at 614-296-5816 or karen.stahr.bloom@gmail.com

We usually meet on the third Sunday of odd numbered months after Education Hour in the Round Table Room (106b).


Note: Meetings are on hiatus until all dangers related to Covid-19 are over and the church building is reopened.